Drama as drunk Nairobi Senator Sakaja threatens to transfer officers at Kilimani police station.

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By The Times Correspondent

Drunk Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja Friday night caused trouble at the Kilimani Police Station after getting arrested with three of his friends while drunk.

The Senator for Nairobi City County also threatened to sack and transfer police officers at the station who had arrested him for disobeying curfew orders.

According to a police report seen by The Times, the Senator, who had been imbibing in the company of friends, became violent and raised hands to be handcuffed.

Sakaja and his group of ten friends had been drinking at Ladies Lounge Bar along Denis Pritt Road in Kilimani past curfew hours at 1:10 PM in the night when police pounced on the premises, where they found Sakaja and his buddies seated outside drinking. 

They were advised to leave but declined prompting the female police officer to call her Nairobi police regional boss on Assistant Police Superintendent Mr. Asambasa who also approached the Senator requesting them to leave in peace, all in vain.

Kilimani Deputy OCPD Adan Hassan was later called in to help quell the ensuing fracas, prompting Mr. Hassan to bring along a team of officers. 

Police say that is when Sen. Sakaja became violent, raising his hands to be handcuffed. Police also say he incited the rest in the crowd not to leave the premises compelling the police officers to arrest him with three others who refused to give their names.

The rest in the group of ten, sensing the ensuing malee, fled the premises. Police say it was while in custody that Senator Sakaja asked to be given free bond but refused to leave the cells threatening to transfer all the officers within twenty four hours.

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