Nairobi Preacher Rev. Lucy Natasha warns against culture of political hand-outs

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By Times Correspondent

Popular Nairobi preacher Rev. Lucy Natasha has called on political and religious leaders to engage in activities that will help Kenyans in the long term to make them more economically independent.

The culture of handouts without meaningful support programs she says, will not help the young people to evade poverty.

In a message to all leaders in the country, the Nairobi based preacher is advocating for cultural change in the countries politics as well as a more people driven church initiatives that will have a lasting positive impact in the lives of believers.

“We need to nurture e generation that can stand on its own and the best way is to nurture, uplift and empower them economically. We have a big responsibility as leaders to make a difference and the time is now,”

Natasha who is the founder of the Glory Ministry International founder says that the Coronavirus pandemic has laid bare the disparities in the society, and there is need for leaders at all levels to work together in uplifting the living standards of the poor.

Through her numerous community based initiatives, she says she has been hit by the hard on the level of joblessness hopelessness among youths.She is calling on the government to come up with more programs that can sustain the financially.

“I know we have the Kazi Mtaani Initiative for now but that is just part of many other initiatives we should come up with,”

She says that despite the closure of churches, she found it important to find ways of giving back to the society while at the same time empowering communities for economic sustainability.

“Teaching a man to fish makes it sustainable and with the space for growth and that is what we must strive to achieve,”

 This week, through the Natasha Hand of Compassion Team, she reached out to hundreds of small scale traders by distributing business stand umbrellas, business outfits, food packs for their families and also boosted their businesses with capital.

“It was heart-warming seeing traders who have been passionately working to serve customers but greatly affected by harsh weather conditions such as hot sun or heavy rainfall,” She adds

She says that she has a great passion for uplifting communities and bringing hope to the most vulnerable through her outreach efforts.

The Small Traders outreach program has already reached several hundred of business owners within Nairobi constituencies, with slum areas like Kawangware,Kibra,Mukuru and Dandora having benefited.

She has challenged religious leaders to also find ways of meeting the people and giving back to the society.

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