Youth Lobby throws weight behind controversial Revenue formula

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By Abednego Mwikya

Youth for United Kenya has thrown its weight behind the controversial third generation formula, urging senators to pass it unanimously.

The lobby  described the formula, which shares funds to the counties on the basis of population, as the only way to equitable allocation of county funds and regretted that it is now been politicised. 

“The formula is a timely solution that will address the social and economic injustices that have bedeviled Kenyans since the advent of devolution,” Said Lilian Mwangi, the lobby’s Secretary General.

Instead of dwelling on the fact that some counties will get less than what they have been receiving before in terms of the shareable income, they wanted senators to embrace other options that can be explored to plug the gap.

“Senators know that we have a kit called equalization fund. They are also aware of the availability of conditional grants. Let them be honest and tell their counties to tap these resources and not misguide them that all is lost,” she added.

They hailed the favourable to the youth, saying those counties with higher population also have a larger proportion of youthful people.

Addressing journalists, the lobby also hailed the Kazi Mtaani Initiative, saying it has gone a long way to cushion young people at a time the economy is biting due to Covid-19.

“We cannot forget to thank the President for his leadership and especially for remembering the youth through KAZI KWA VIJANA INITIATIVE. This will go along to cushion the youth who are vulnerable especially now that we are battling covid-19 pandemic,”

The group called upon politicians to stop the culture of giving handouts to the youth, saying that was only a short-term solution to rather long term problems which would be better approached with permanent solutions.

“We particularly warn the Deputy President William Ruto to stop giving handouts to young people. Let him show them how to catch fish instead of giving them fish,” they said.

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