Safaricom names its former CEO Michael Joseph as Board Chair

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By Mourice Seretta

Safaricom has appointed its former Chief Executive Officer Michael Joseph as its new Board Chairman following the retirement of Nicholas Nganga from the post.

A statement released by the firm CEO Peter Ndegwa says the appointment of Joseph takes effect as from August 1st 2020.

Joseph takes over from Nganga who joined the board in May 2004 and took over the chairmanship through an election in January 2007.

‘He has steered the company through various milestones over the 13 years he was at the helm,” Ndegwa said.

Joseph has served as a non executive Board member since 2008 and his new mandate will include improving customer sentiment, greater brand consideration and digital transformation agenda.

In the statement Ndegwa says Joseph brings wealth of skills and industry knowledge given his contribution to the growth of the telco from very humble beginnings to becoming one of the most innovative, influential and profitable companiesin East Africa.

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