I am not fighting President Uhuru-Sonko

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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has reiterated his support to President Uhuru Kenyatta until the end of his term.

The governor has further emphasized that he has no problem with the Nairobi Metropolitan Service and that all he wants is for the agency to conduct its functions within law.

He said that the Deed of Transfer of Functions was signed in good faith and it did not mean that the NMS boss should come in to fight him out of leadership.

“I will support you coz you’re the president until when your term will end and I also want to be allowed to support residents till the end of my term,” Sonko said in a statement directed to the President.

The governor was speaking in Mukuru slums where he attended the funeral of the late Gabriel Maina who is a resident of Mukuru Kwa Reuben slums who died during the demolition of houses in the area.

He hit out at some leaders and government officials whom he accused of orchestrating a scheme to wage a fallout between him and the President.

“I respect Kenyans and the President, when we signed the NMS we didn’t say the general should come and push me out. Why are some of these officers pushing that I be kicked out? I want to assure them that I will stick with the President to the end,”

He said that he is the first Governor to initiate development projects in Mukuru Kwa Reuben slums, citing the upgrading of the Mukuru Health Centre and construction of three major roads as a major achievement.

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