Rescue us from this hell, KPLC staff cry

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By Abednego Mwikya

 Staff at Electricity House have raised alarm over instructions by top managers to keep mum about cases of Covid-19 at the company offices.

A worker at the Kenya Power and Lighting Company told The Times that staff at the parastatal are at a greater risk of contracting the virus since the management has not implemented directives issued by the Ministry of Health.

This is despite the company having several staff members who have tested positive for the virus and have been isolated.

 “Most of the tea-girls have tested positive and are already in isolation. Other staff also want to be tested but we can’t afford the cost. We are willing to be tested provided we are not asked to pay a lot of money for it,” said the staffer on condition of anonymity.

The workers, it has emerged, have been asking to be allowed to work in shifts but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

“Our pleas to be allowed to work in shifts have not been granted.  The managers have instead threatened us with pay cuts if we insist on working in shifts,” said the staff.

The Times has also learnt that managers at the company are referring workers to particular private hospitals for testing where workers are asked to part with over Sh 10,000 for the service yet the NHIF has not covered Covid-19 costs.

At Stima Plaza, members of staff who are said to have interacted with a worker at the insurance department and who has since tested positive, are yet to be tested.

“We are disappointed that our managers are not taking this pandemic seriously. In spite of their knowledge that some of our colleagues have been hit by the virus, they have not taken the necessary steps to avert a possible crisis,” intimated the informant.

News of infections at the power agency comes at a time when Milimani Law Courts have been shut down after a staffer tested positive.

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