Uchumi Issues new Directive to Debtors

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Uchumi Supermarkets Plc has opened an online portal for trade and services creditors to register their debts as part of the retailer’s implementation of the Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA).

Registration of debt incurred before 2nd March 2020 through the online portal http://www.myuchumi.com/ will allow the retailer verify and audit debt.

“The CVA which was approved by the High Court directs that we verify all old debts through a transparent and sustainable process and we are asking all suppliers to register their debts within the next three weeks,” said Uchumi Supermarkets CEO Mohamed Mohamed.

The exact amount of supplier debt will be known once the verification process is completed.

The CVA, the retailer’s blueprint for the return to profitability, provides a proposed review of the restructuring of the current debt as well as the strategic overview of the business operations of the retail chain that has been undertaken by the Board and Management of Uchumi Plc and other experienced consultants including Mr. Owen Koimburi who was appointed as the Supervisor on March 2nd 2019.

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