Artificial intelligence only way to curb cybercrime

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Marvin Mwathi

Artificial intelligence is the most effective way to ensure that the rising cybercrime activities are contained.

Cybercrime has become one of the greatest problems we have experienced in Kenya especially during the pandemic where most people have lost their sources of income and turned to scrupulous ways to sustain their livelihoods.

The reason AI is exploding as a solution to cub cybercrime is because its applications are virtually limitless. It has the ability to impact every digital market here in Kenya.

Most of this cybercriminals are embracing new attack technologies and hence the Kenyan government should consider embracing artificial intelligence as a means to make sure that this perpetrators are brought to book and pay for their crimes.

It is saddening that at times children have been caught up in this cybercrimes especially now that they are doing online schooling. You will find out that children have freedom to smartphones, smart TVs and laptops where it is so easy to access the internet and become preys to this predators.

This cyberbullies are very highly skilled in computer use and can send inappropriate material and content to our innocent kids.

Recently the rising cases of money theft through Mpesa and mobile banking has been on the rise and it is worrying that this people can go away unpunished and unnoticed simply because they are normally a step ahead of the targeted person.

Most victims of cyberbullying on social media platforms have been attacked by pseudo accounts which makes it so difficult in tracking of the bullies. The main reason Ai could be so productive in case it is used.

In as much as it may cost a lot, it is the most effective method that can be used to effectively stop this disease that has greatly affected us in one way or another.

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