The government may re-introduce measures to curb rising Covid 19 curve

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By Mourice Seretta
The government may be forced to re-introduce measures it had earlier relaxed to curb the rising cases of Covid 19 in the country.
While giving the Ministry of Health’s daily updates on Tuesday, Health Chief Administrative Secretary, CAS, Dr. Rashid Aman said the Ministry was alarmed over a worrying increase in Covid 19 cases in the country warning that the government may be forced to reintroduce the measures it had put in place but were dropped when the curve seemed to flatten, so as to curb the rising cases.
Aman said the past few days have seen a steady climb in the caseload and that the country is moving above the 5% positivity rate.
“We will have to take action to restrict movement or close schools if numbers will increase. We will monitor what is happening in our schools and take action based on what will be fit at that time. We have reported cases of reinfection in our country. We have instituted measures which have played a big role even as we are relaxing some measures that were put in place.” Aman said.
Aman also said testing may have to be done in schools as they reopen, however condemning a now-viral video showing students being fumigated saying “that is not allowed…that is not right.”
“I appeal to all Kenyans to be vigilant now more than ever before so that we protect our children…Public service vehicles must not overload. If we fail to adhere to the measures we will have ourselves to blame. Teachers should ensure the agreed protocols are adhered to,” he added.
Aman did not however be specific on what measures the government may re-introduce as the government relaxed curfew time from 9 pm to 4 am to 11 pm to 4 am church services, weddings, and funerals to have a maximum of 200 people, up from 100, bars to open and eateries to close at 8 pm amongst others.

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