Governor Mutua says leaders have failed Kenyans

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By Eunice Kayo 

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has said that as leaders they have failed Kenya but says the country has a golden chance to save herself.

Speaking while on his meet the people tour in Nyeri, Mutua said that the tours had revealed to him that as leaders they had brought disappointment and despair to Kenyans at large.

‘When will our farmers get what they deserve for their produce? When will we ensure that our youth do not stay home after college?’ Mutua asked while In Nyeri, walking around the main open air market.

Mutua further said that Kenyans have agreed to be used as pawns by agreeing to sell their vote at the lowest possible price, and the leaders, after buying their votes, have permission to do the bare minimum for Kenyans.

The Governor also said that the people deserve a transparent government that creates an entrepreneural youth, empowered women with high credit scores that allow them to borrow and expand their businesses and an economy that grows on double digit lines.

Mutua who has declared interest to run for presidency come 2022 has been holding meet the people tours across the country as he prepares to make his first stab at the top job

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