Tanga Tanga MPs attack Matiang’i in his Nyamira backyard

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By Mourice Seretta    

Members of Parliament allied to Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday hit out at Interior and Government Coordination Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i for allegedly intimidating DP Ruto and his hustler movement members. 

The MPs Kitutu Masaba’s Shadrack Mose, Vincent Kemosi of West Mugirango, Joash Nyamoko (North Mugirango) Silvanus Osoro (South Mugirango) Rigathi Gachagua (Mathira), Ndindi Nyoro, (Kiharu) and a number of MCA’s from Kisii and Nyamira Counties who had accompanied DP Ruto on his tour of the region accuse Matiang’i of deploying police to cancel or disperse supporters in meeting organized by the Tanga Tanga leaning members. 

Gachagua accused Matiang’i of sanctioning orders that police teargas Ruto supporters adding that Matiang’’I have failed to help the Gusii community despite holding a very influential post in government. 

“How many people have your person helped to get in government, KWS, Prisons even empowerment, and yet he calls himself a leader. Power is temporary, use it in assisting the poor,” Rigathi said.

Nyoro dared Matiang’i to arrest him now that he was in his backyard adding that the hustler movement will not be cowed by anyone.

“We know some selfish men in government who planned to teargas bodaboda riders and church members, I dare you to come and arrest us. We are not afraid of teargas even if you lob it to us daily we will not move an inch,” said Nyoro.

On his part, Osoro condemned Matiang’i for using police to teargas the DPs supporters and dismissed some people who say that they are following DP Ruto because of his deep pockets.

“We do not follow the DP because of money, if you want to get to the market, come and sell your ‘tomatoes’ if they can be accepted then it is ok. We need protection not to be teargassed. We are aware some of you have stolen Covid 19 funds and you are here chasing us around because we want to lobby for resources to help our fellow hustlers. Shame on you,” Osoro said. 

The leaders said their support to the Deputy President is unshaken and they will not be bowed by threats from the government.

“As members of parliament and hustlers in the country we will fight in all manners to ensure you are President,” said Kitutu Masaba’s Shadrack Mose.

Nyamoko said the DP will continue supporting hustlers in the country.

“We had planned to hold this meeting last week but whatever happened was part of the scheme to stop our move but we thank God you are here. Our statehouse bid is unstoppable,” Nyamoko said.

Kisii County Deputy Governor Joash Maangi said the journey of the hustler is unstoppable, and Kisii people are hardworking and told off the people in government who are against the DP to give the hustler nation a break.

“We are fully behind the DP and we shall not allow anyone to halt the hustlers’ movement,” Maangi said.

The leaders have now demanded the government to apologize to the families who lost their loved ones in Murang’a chaos and compensate them.

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