Kick out politicians from the church pulpit

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There is no doubt that a section of our church leaders are slowly losing control of the pulpit to politicians to the dismay of many worshipers not keen on the divisive politicking that is going on in the country.

The church leaders are now behaving in a manner to suggest that politicians hold key to the success of our holy places that once commanded respect. They have been held captive by the politics of tokenism at the expense of preaching the gospel of repentance.

When people come to church and look to the pulpit, all they want is to see and feel the spiritual connection through the one standing on it.

A church pulpit must be a sacred place and should forever command respect no matter who is attending the church service. This is a place believers should use as a place of contact with their Lord and not politicians.

It is a shame that once our political leaders walk in, they are given freedom to do and say what they want and all these are being shared out to the public. Fundraisers are now being organized left, right and center, in what looks like some mad haste for money by our religious leaders.

It is not wrong for our political leaders to attend church, fundraise or participate in any other church functions but it is completely wrong for our religious leaders to take the backseat, watching helplessly as the pulpit loses its meaning and purpose.

Sunday church services have now become fundraising sessions with politicians looking for every opportunity to talk to the vulnerable faithfuls who are ready to submit to their wishes.

Biblical teachings assert that no one is above another when in the presence of God and that should be the most important thing to note here.

 While many of the worshipers out there display respect for church sanctuaries and facilities, one should teach politicians the same qualities. We show respect and freedom to worship God whenever we enter and participate in the sanctuary.

The pulpit is the place for the power of the gospel, not the promises of any politician and this should common sense to our church leaders.Our religious leaders should be aware that worshipers have diverse political opinions and some are not keen to be pressured to choose and vote for a particular politician.

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