Joy to University Students as BBI Grants them a 4year Grace Period on HELB Loan

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By Shadrack Nyakoe and Perpetua Wachira

University students have come up in bold light to support the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report which was based on speculation by a national committee chaired by Yusuf Haji.

The report was received on October 21 by President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga at Kisii.

Jubilant Kenya University Students Organization (KUSO) leaders have expressed their joy after learning the youth-elevating recommendations were captured including  a seven year tax holiday once they establish a startup business.

The report also gave a grace period of four years to students for HELB Loan repayment from the day of graduation.

They also stated that a youth commission shall be established as a constitutional commission to ensure the mainstreaming of the perspectives in planning decision making.

 KUSO’s president Antony Manyara has concurrently condemned the Tanga Tanga movement initiative donating wheelbarrows and Mikokoteni on grounds that it enslaves Kenyan youths and corroding their potential.

“I want to castigate those opposing the BBI report, propagated by the Tanga Tanga proponents of backwardness. It’s vital to reassure Kenyan youths of being barometers of knowledge that they are, and will forever stand for progress and not retrogress. Our eyes are set on a broad and secure path that leads to economic healing, social cohesion, peace and reconciliation,” said Manyara.

He added that BBI recognizes the ideal that Kenya is bigger than an individual and hence the welfare of all Kenyans should come first.

KUSO head of African affairs John Mwadime Mautia who doubles up as the students leader at Maasai Mara University has implored the ministry of education to embrace online learning amidst Covid-19 pandemic to protect children.

Mwadime who aspires to contest for the ward representative position in Chawia Ward Taita Taveta County has declared his support on the BBI which seeks to establish employment positions for the young people.

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