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Maureen Waititu and his baby daddy’s drama is continuing to escalate even as more private and intimate allegations are continuing to pile up. 

The dynamic duo has turned the social media scene into a battlefield of words each accusing the other of irresponsibility and lack of maturity in handling the kids’ affairs. 

Maureen has accused his husband of negligence and sighted him as a deadbeat dad who does nothing for his children after they left parted ways early this year. 

However, Frankie has vehemently denied the claims stating that Maureen has made it very difficult and impossible for him to see the children. 

“My ex has denied me access to my children, and any attempt to reach them has proven to be a waste, she has even refused to share where she lives, she has reached a point of frustrating me whenever I want to see my boys,” Frankie commented in his YouTube channel.

This whole mess started on one of Frankie’s post when he wished his child a happy birthday and did not fail to mention that his mummy has completely denied him access for them to celebrate.

The angered Maureen, therefore, decided to reply calling him a deadbeat dad for the second time in a row barely weeks after she had accused him of forcefully throwing her and her children out of his mother’s house. 

The story however has taken a new turn after socialite Corazon Kwamboka, Frankie’s second baby mama decided to weigh in the matter to defend his man and herself. She claims that Maureen has been frustrating her because she agreed to date and have a child with his ex-boyfriend. 

 “Only a sick person can insult a baby calling him a name so despicable I can’t even talk just because I had him with your ex. One day ill open my mouth, you’ve talked down on me, you’ve called me names, you’ve insulted my child, you’ve threatened and harassed me, “Corazon Kwamboka said 

The socialite through her Instagram account went further to explain how Maureen has been coming to her house at midnight to make threats which made her vacate and live her expensively acquired house.  

“Drove me out of my own house out of fear. I had to leave a house I bought with my own sweat to go hiding because sister was driving to my house at midnight to I don’t know what to do to me .”She said

 This drama seems that it will not end soon because Maureen maintains his husband is a deadbeat father and she is willing to settle the matter in court.

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