Willis Raburu concert unattended

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Media personality and musician Willis Raburu has had a tough time explaining why his fans did not show up at the much-hyped Gengetone Festival in Machakos.

The “kalale” hitmaker however on one of his Instagram live page shifted the blame to the event organizers saying that they had not paid artistes the remaining sum of the money that was promised to be paid before the performance.

He added that he was the one who told the artists not to go on stage if their dues are not yet honored  because that is the only way event organizers will respect gengetone and  upcoming artists like him

 “I went backstage and started talking to the artistes. They told me they wanted to perform but they had not been paid the other half of the money. The rule for most artists is that you pay half (of the agreed amount) before the event, then pay the other half before they perform,” he explained.

 “I told them, ‘If you guys step on this stage and perform, then we will never break the cycle of people being taken advantage of, more so Gengetone artists,” he added.

Among the top performers were King of Gengetone Juacali and Mejja, alongside Gengetones groups Ethic, Boondocks, Sailors, Mbogi Genje, Wakali Wao, Breeder LW, Gwaash, Ochungulo Family, Zero Sufuri, Benga Musician Maima and Ssaru and Vdj Jones were among the headliners for the inaugural event.

Willis concludes by saying his main job was to be an mc. He refuses to accept that it was his concert and that people should stop accusing him of the low turn out.

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