Aukot still not our member, Third Way Alliance

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By Mourice Seretta 

The Thirdway Alliance Party has maintained that its decision to expel its former Party leader and founder Dr. Ekuru Aukot still stands.

The party on Friday went to social media and posted through its official twitter handle that the party says there exists no judicial order to reverse the decision.

“Thirdway Alliance Kenya’s National Executive Committee decision to expel Aukot still stands. There is no judicial order reversing, quashing, or in any way interfering with the said decision. The decision to expel Ekuru Aukot stands valid.” Read the tweet.

The Party expelled Dr. Aukot in September over financial and assault claims to one of the party members.

Thirdway Alliance Party Secretary-General Fredrick Okan’go then said that the party’s National Executive Committee had made the decision without malice, bias, or hatred towards Aukot.

“We wish to bring to the attention of our Party members and members of the public that Dr. Ekuru Aukot has today been expelled from the party and dismissed from the office of the Thirdway Alliance Kenyan Party leader,” read the statement giving the details of the chronological events that led to the expulsion of the party leader.

The Thirdway Alliance NEC adopted unanimously and recommended that Aukot having no need to defend himself be dismissed from the party membership and position as party leader.

“The Party’s NEC unequivocally confirms that our members made the decision without any malice, bias or hatred despite the former Party Leader hopping from one media house to the other to disparage the recent decision by the NEC,” read the statement.

Aukot had on several occasions refused to appear before the party’s disciplinary committee.

The party then reiterated its stand of “zero tolerance to impunity” from any party member regardless of their status within the party ranks and the society at large.

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