Counterfeit goods worth Ksh100 million destroyed in Mombasa

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By Eunice Kayo  

The Government has destroyed counterfeit goods worth Ksh100 million in Changamwe Mombasa as it escalates efforts to counter illicit trade.

Anti Counterfeit Authority Chairperson Florah Mutahi said among the counterfeits destroyed were goods meant for the fight against COVID-19 pandemic valued at Ksh25 Million confiscated from unscrupulous traders.

The Chairperson observed that a study carried out recently revealed electrical goods account for the bigger percentage of counterfeits into the country.

Mutahi added that 70 percent of the counterfeits come from outside the country and called for the strengthening of border points, strengthening prosecutions as well as engaging in public awareness on the dangers of counterfeits.

She said the government is working towards zero tolerance to counterfeits and illegal goods altogether.

She further said manufacturing is one of the big four agendas which is supposed to contribute 15 percent of the country’s GDP noting that the unfortunate trend where counterfeits contribute more than local manufacturing leads to detriment of local industries.

The chair said counterfeit goods worth Ksh125 billion have been destroyed since the formation of the multi-agency team in 2018 compared to the Ksh 1.4 billion in the previous five years before its formation.

She said Kenya had been losing over 1700 jobs annually to counterfeits, with manufacturers complaining over 40 percent of the local market is taken by counterfeit products.

Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata said security agencies in the coast region will play their role in eliminating the importation of counterfeits through the borders and the ports.

Commissioner Elungata said the officers deployed will ensure that no counterfeit products enter the Country going forward.

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