Karua terms BBI a ‘poisonous concoction’

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By Mourice Seretta 

Narc Kenya Party Leader Martha Karua has termed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report a poisonous concoction.

Addressing the media after addressing the Kenya Women Teachers Association Kirinyaga County Chapter in Kutus town, the former Constitutional Affairs Minister during President Mwai Kibaki era says the document is a time bomb that is out to scuttle gains made by the 2010 Constitution.

 “The 2010 Constitution which was a rebirth of the Kenyan nation was fought for by Kenyans who had been oppressed by the one-party regime for over 20 years and is yet to be fully implemented,” she said.

Karua also added that the BBI report is being forced down the throats of Kenyans by a clique of elite.

 “We are wondering why it should now be mutilated in such a hurry to suit the interest of the handshake,” Karua added in reference to meeting being held in the country aimed at changing some sections of the report after some political quarters raised various concerns. 

Karua further claimed the huge sums of money spent on the BBI so far, was enough to cater to the immediate needs of many Kenyans and urged Kenyans to reject the initiative in totality until all views were accommodated.

“We are being hoodwinked by the architects of the BBI that the President, Deputy President, the Prime Minister and his two deputies would have space for women but let it be known that these five powerful positions have no such a provision for women, “she said.

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