Nyayo estate tenants reject Sonko’s BBI branded trucks

Drama ensued in Nairobi’s Nyayo estate after residents raged against Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s water trucks that had come to their rescue following a two-day water shortage.

Despite the outcries from the residents to the governor, they shockingly rejected the help, demanding that the trucks go back and return only less BBI colors.

” We asked for water and not BBI vehicles so go back and bring water,” Ruth Ambetsa, a tenant at the estate.

The residents further complained that their efforts to reach out to Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company and even the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) have been unsuccessful.

” None of them is accessible and that is why we reached out to the governor,” Dennis Mburu, a Manager at the estate said.

This comes at a time when City residents are still battling water rationing despite efforts by the NMS to sink boreholes in some wards across the city.

Sonko has a number of BBI branded trucks and by end of last year, he had indicated immense desire to support the initiative. He was however sidelined by a number of elected leaders in Nairobi, who claimed to be in a position to Marshall support for the BBI without the input of the governor.

Last month, Sonko warned residents against accepting the BBI proposals, noting that the process was not inclusive enough and that views from the majority of city residents were rejected.

One of the recommendations in the BBI is that some functions of the Nairobi City County Government be transferred to the national government to give the city a special status.

It’s not clear whether Sonko will lead No campaigns against the BBI in Nairobi but observers say that the fact that he still has BBI branded trucks at his disposal, he had support for the initiative and can be persuaded to support it if his concerns on Nairobi City County are considered in case of amendments

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