Shebesh rallies Central Kenya residents behind BBI, says Uhuru has delivered

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Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Gender and Public Service Rachel Shebesh has called on Central Kenya residents to fully support the BBI agenda and President Uhuru Kenyatta’s long term plans for the region.

Shebesh has said that President Uhuru Kenyatta means well for the region and that the BBI drive harbors key issues that will work well for the region in the long run.

He warned that it was wrong for the region to be incited against the President because of his handshake with opposition leader Raila Odinga.

“You want to hate your own leader because of something like the handshake that most people have embraced,” Shebesh questioned.

Shebesh emphasized that the BBI proposals will benefit Central Kenya more through resource allocation to counties and the creation of new constituencies.

On the region’s future political interests, she said that President Uhuru is keen on ensuring that Central Kenya remains in safe hands and does not get isolated for good in the leadership of this country.

“The President means well for you people and that is why he is planning hard to ensure that you remain in safe hands,”

She was speaking at Limuru – Kiambu while disbursing cheques worth over Sh100 Million to various groups.

Shebesh served as the Woman Representative for Nairobi before losing to Esther Pasaris in the 2017 election.

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