The Church accuses BBI taskforce of deliberately ignoring their views

By Eunice Kayo 

A section of church leaders has hit out at the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) taskforce for ignoring concerns raised by the Church.

The leaders drawn from the evangelical ministries and led by Bishop Mark Kariuki of Deliverance Church on Wednesday said it was unfortunate that despite having presented their memorandum to the taskforce, none of their concerns had been captured in the final draft arguing that issues raised by the church in the 2010 Constitution have not been exhausted.

Bishop Kariuki said that was the reason they welcomed the BBI proposals hoping that they would tackle areas that had not been dealt with.

“We are all Kenyans and each one of us has a right to air their concerns. We presented our concerns in the 2010 Constitution but were ignored. We appeared before the BBI taskforce and presented our memorandum and up to today, it has been ignored. We are of the view that the task force deliberately took the church for granted. But let it be made clear that as per the last census, we have a representation of 82 percent and we have the ability and the capacity to rally ourselves to mobilize and have candidates who will carry the interests of the church in every constituency,” Kariuki said.

Bishop Kariuki further said the BBI report should strive to see all bridges are repaired including the churches adding that even if it meant extending the term for the current government for the BBI to be debated it should be so because this will give enough time for everyone to participate and feel represented.

“We appreciate the effort made by the two principals but everybody must be brought on board. Let us not act as if we are doing this for someone. Stop unnecessary lobbying that may create ‘them versus us’ scenario’” he said.

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