Ruto meets Murang’a clergy day after a section of Evangelical Bishops said the BBI team skipped their views

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By Mourice Seretta

Just a day after a section of Evangelical Bishops held a press conference in Nairobi and called for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s term extended so as to give him ‘sufficient time for the implementation of the Building Bridges Initiative report’, Deputy President held a meeting with a section of the clergy from Murang’a County at his Karen Residence.

The clergy to Ruto’s residence was led Muheria Wa Kariuki and Bishop Samuel Kamau of African Independent Church Of Africa (AICA), Gatanga Diocese.

After the meeting, ruto took to social media and said that it was time the country build bridges of unity and that the church remained central in the quest.

“We must continue working together and building bridges of unity among various groups in our country; the church remains a central partner and player in this quest that will make Kenya more cohesive, inclusive and prosperous,” Ruto posted. 

It is of interest to note that Ruto made the meeting owing to the fact that the Bishops called for proponents of the BBI report to ensure that all divergent views are considered before the document is implemented, calls the second in command has been making since the document was officially unveiled to the public.

The meeting also will be interpreted to mean that Ruto is out to rope in like-minded people who want the report amended to his side so as he unites them against the document if its proponents fail to allow for it to be amended. 

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