His/her Say: We will marry whoever we want

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We are here to say it as it is. We look at the ill men do to ladies but many a lady do not want to speak against and those ills ladies do to men and many a man sweep under the carpet. Be glued here as we bring those ills out in the most comical way but with a clarity of a sharpshooter, We will not disappoint as we will not only speak for you but will not hesitate to hit below the belt if the need arose.

His say

Do not interfere when he is having fun with his boys

Mourice Seretta:

It is a common mistake that ladies have been doing since time immemorial yet few men have come out to condemn the vice albeit grudgingly.
This tendency of a lady asking for the whereabouts of her man then once informed of the venue she invites herself is callous and detrimental in many relationships. Men need to be given their space whenever they are either watching football, irrigating or sanitizing their throats or devouring some ribs of an emaciated Masai goat that died of hunger somewhere in Kitengela. Ladies, you are not invited to such forums no matter how hard you have missed your man, he will come home sober, staggering, crawling or wet afterward. Leave him and have a good time with the boys.
Men are boys and will always be. Whatever they discuss in their small circles is only known to them and any lady sauntering into an evening after work sitting on men somewhere chewing khat, taking coffee, drinking whiskey or watching football is tantamount to mixing water with paraffin. They won’t mix. You realize immediately you walk in, the topic changes. This is because you are an intruder be it you came to sponsor the sitting. What men discuss in those small meetings are crucial matters of ‘national importance’ that I can not divulge here because I want you ladies to understand that you are not needed there.
A small secret is the conversations tend to revolve around four things: sex, sports, drinking, and things that happened in Vegas that you all promised you’d never talk about again. There are plenty of variants of these four things that guys talk about when they’re out with their buddies but it’s safe to say these topics are almost always explored when guys hang out. Lady, do you think you are welcome when guys are discussing the above-listed Agenda 4 matters? The way men are not allowed to be in your controversial chamas is the very same way you are advised to avoid coming to sit with your man when he is out with his boys. Avoid that like a plague.
So next time you make that call and he tells you he is hanging out with boys, don’t go bonkers thinking that he is out there running after some lass. No. He is out there discussing Agenda 4 with his cabinet and you are not welcome for even a tot or a bite of the semi-cooked goat ribs.


Her say

We will marry whomever we want

Ruth Kerubo:

Dear men, we will marry whomever we want young or old so long as we are happy. Women have always been critiqued for marrying older men, some citing it to money or desperation. It is even worse when a slightly older lady decides to marry a younger man, all hell breaks loose, with comments such as, ameamua kuoa mtoto wake. ” which translates to she has decided to marry her child.
We all remember the story of Bahati when he publicly confessed to dating a lady who was some years older than he, men lashed insults at the lady, trash-talking her, called her all sorts of names. As if it’s not enough gospel sensation Guardian Angels sweetheart has passed through the same tribulations just months after they made their relationship open to the public.
Well on behalf of the women I will speak today and say that I don’t know where the rain started beating us because these double standards are weighing us down. Why can’t we be allowed to date anyone we like for our own reasons?
Let me shed some light as to why you should let us be. The African culture for a long looong time allowed women to be inherited by either brother to the deceased or a close relative and mark you sometimes these inheritors were way younger than the widow and they inherited them with CHILDREN….. So these people for I can’t date a lady with kids (story for another day).
The holy book somewhere also tells of a story of a lady whose husband died and she decided to follow her mother in law and then later married someone in power who I believe was way younger than her, mark you she had been married for ten years, and she happens to be a great grandmother of Jesus. So what am I saying women, brace up, and do your thing because genuine love can be found with that one person who the whole world does not affirm.
Women should just be left to be because at last, the ball stands at their feet. We are the ones who will have a happy never or ever after with these young or older guys. Society shouldn’t be so judgmental about who we are supposed to marry but rather give us tips on how to know and behave when the right person with clear intentions approaches.

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