Collection of BBI signatures to commence Wednesday

The Building Bridges National Initiative taskforce says the exercise will be conducted within one week as it targets 4 million signatures.

The taskforce says the Bill is now ready after it was postponed last week due to late completion and publication of the Constitution Amendment Bill 2020. 

The group insists that the process cannot be postponed further calling on those supporting the initiative to turn up for the exercise that will only last a week.

Elsewhere, ODM party leader Raila Odinga dismissed chances of substantive amendments to the report saying the train has already left the station.

Odinga during a meeting with Mt Kenya leaders reiterated that it wouldn’t be possible to incorporate major changes to the report considering it was subject to public input for over two years.

Leaders from the region vowed to drum up support for the report said the constitutional changes will bring equity in governance in the country.

This as the Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council promised to rally behind the document differing with SUPKEM that has a contrary opinion.

KEMNAC Chairman Shaikh Juma Ngao reiterated that the lobby fully supports all constitutional changes, and their stand is unchanged even after Supken had trashed the report on Sunday.

“Those are not opinions of all Muslims in Kenya, we have our own reservations, that we support BBI and their sentiments by Supken are just for themselves but not opinions of all Muslims, “Ngao said.

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