Former Marakwet West MP Sudi Launches his Book

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By Shadrack Musumba

Former Marakwet West Member of Parliament David Sudi has launched a book titled “Can One Man Save a Nation?”

Sudi who is also the founder member of the New Democrats Party which he alleged is a bridge designed with forty-two pillars representing the forty-two tribes of Kenya.

According to Sudi, his party will see all the tribes of Kenya come together in a bid to build a united and harmonized nation.

He said his party is the ‘bridge’ Kenyans want in eradication of poverty which haunts over fifty percent of the total population.

 “I can attest that our ideas of leadership are totally from what has envisaged mankind. This and much more I have learnt from the Bible and other books from different authors through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and I feel obliged to share my experience in life as a leader for the good of my fellow Kenyans,” he said.

He further added that in order to get rid of poverty the youths who are the largest in population should be empowered by providing employment opportunities and not policies meant to lure citizens for politicians to achieve their desires.

He concurrently unveiled an agribusiness project that seeks to sort employment to over one million youths.

He released 105,000 cows to be given to every ten youths in all counties without discrimination of religious and ethnic background.

He also gave 60, 000 motorbikes one in groups of ten. 

All Kenyan youths qualify to take part in the project by sending a short message through (SMS) with the initials BS for a cow and ND for the motorbike at 21539 through the Safaricom network.

“To generate income for our people, the cows will produce over 20 litres of milk and the motorbikes will help in distribution. The cubicles in this container will earn the vendors space to reach customers. Kenya is going to be a lender and not a borrower,” he said.

Sudi pledged to have a political leader in his party contesting for the presidential seat in the 2022 general elections but he will retain his position as the party leader.

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