Why I am not on Social Media, President Kenyatta

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By Mourice Seretta    

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday disclosed the reason as to why he had his social media accounts deactivated.

While officially launching the Building Bridges Initiative signature drive at KICC, Nairobi, the President said jokingly that he deactivated his social media accounts due to constant insults and name-calling that flooded his timeline.

‘I will rather sleep and talk to First Lady Margaret Kenyatta than keeping up with the social media platform. I also left Twitter as it was only full of abuses,’ the head of state said amid laughter from the attendees.

He also said that he prefers speaking directly with leaders than engage them on social media adding that he does not like following any leaders’ sentiments online.

The President’S social media accounts were deactivated on March 22, 2019.

When his account was deactivated, Uhuru was one of the most followed African leaders on Twitter as @UKenyatta had around 3.62 million followers.

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