Mudavadi makes a u-turn, now fully supports BBI

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By Mourice Seretta   

Amani National Congress Party (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi who had earlier registered his reservation on the Building Bridges Initiative report has changed tune and now says he will fully support the course.

Mudavadi now says that his ANC party had gone through the final document and concluded it is good as it has addressed most of the issues that had been raised.

The ANC boss who had earlier said the Senate strength should be looked at again in the BBI report now praises the protection of devolution, removal of the Police council, giving Senate more powers among others.

Mudavadi further says that ANC will now form its own platform to popularize the document.

“We want to address Kenyans without creating an opportunity for people to hurl insults at others. Kenyans must be given an opportunity to express themselves. We shall therefore unveil our team to you soon. We have again taken a detailed study and analysis of the bill and we are satisfied that the bill has been revised edited and realigned to incorporate new proposed amendments, some of which we indeed had proposed,” he said.

Mudavadi also said that the restoration of Nairobi as a county will strengthen devolution as this will give Nairobi residents a chance to vote for the best candidate to champion their needs.

Mudavadi said with the new document it is clear that all the concerns that were raised did not fall on deaf ears and that the bill has demonstrated a significant shift from the earlier proposals and for that reason they are encouraged by their insistence and that of many others such as the church that consensus was given a chance.

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