Elachi says she is yet to join ANC, says BBI is good for Nairobi

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Former Nairobi County Assembly speaker Beatrice Elachi has clarified that she has not defected from Jubilee to the Amani National Congress.

Elachi who also served as a nominated senator told The Times that her presence at the BBI signature collection drive at the ANC party headquarters was “ in good faith to support brothers and sisters from Western Kenya.

Elachi was nominated to the senate by the Jubilee Alliance coalition back in 2013 but was before then an active member of the Party of National Unity that was folded up.

She said that the meeting at the ANC headquarters was open to all leaders from Western Kenya and she couldn’t miss the opportunity.

“It was important that we converge and talk to our people who I believe should rally behind the party,” she said.

She hailed the BBI report,saying that it is good for Nairobi whose population is rising very first.

“ BBI will solve the issue of representation in Nairobi through the new constituencies because will make easy access to services,”

If the BBI report is adopted by Kenyans, Nairobi will have 12 more constituencies bringing the total to 29.This according to Elachi is an advantage in terms of CDF and bursary funds allocation because of the big numbers of people an MP in Nairobi has to serve.

Elachi contested the Dagoretti North seat in 2017 but lost to ODMs Simba Arati in a tight race.

The hinted that the constituency is among those earmarked for division,further stating that she will be in the race for the seat again.

The BBI signature event was also attended by Kakamega Senator  Cleophas Malala, senator Petronila Were,  MPs Omboko Milemba, Aseka Miradi,  Tandaza Sawa,  Oku Kaunya and  Tindi Mwale.

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