We take your HR department to the next level, says Development Trends Enterprise Limited (DTEL)

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By Mourice Seretta

Development Trends Enterprise Limited was incorporated years on and officially launched in the year 2014.

DTEL as I will call that great company in this article is run by one Joshua Akama Makori.

Akama began from afar but as I will not indulge in that in this article but will dwell on what he has done in the recent past.

DTEL is a Human Resources (HR) Company that currently has good control of 24 companies.

For them that will not go with me on what HR means, it basically means that Human Resources Management means that t DTEL under Mr. Joshua Akama Makori will take care of employees, sustain momentum, and build a great future with human experience management (HXM) solutions.

DTEL maxims on evolving human capital management (HCM) to focus on the employee experience, while meeting business needs.

Sitting down with the top management of DTEL, the company tells me that despite the progress a great one like DTEL brags about today, it comes not with challenges.

One challenge that the DTEL management tells me during the interview is that they started small but have now grown big.

One challenge is that the now great DTEL began with a donation of a car from a client. This is after a certain client sourced for the services from DTEL, Vimal Gala the director SILVER LTD realized that DTEL had potential and donated a car to them.

Needless to say, is the fact that DTEL paid for the mobility services in installments. That car still remains one of the most treasured cars in the company. Thanks towards that one of the still most treasured client that donated that car.

Secondly, DTEL tells me that financial problems always come by when first starting a company. That is well known to many a one of us and I better not dwell on it.

Third but the most serious of the challenges of beginners to one such a great a company is the fact that there will always be trust issues. 

Section one of the same is relocation of new employees. For instance, they demanded for new salaries, new accommodation fees etcetera. DTEL managed the challenges a good one. But how?

DTEL management tells me still during the interview that there needs to be resilience, enthusiasm and the desire to work hard towards ones goal will always take you to greatness like DTEL.

Starting from small, DTEL now boasts of having some other new kids in town. Town I mean not only in Nairobi but towards neighbors like Kiambu, Kajiado and Machakos.

DTEL has other great companies that are Trends Security and Fast Moving goods.

Trends security, a brainchild of DTEL is one such a company that offers security services right at your doorstep.

Fast moving goods company still under DTEL is another one that offers beverages right to your doorstep

DTEL has several sections but not limited to two Directors, Finance and Payroll, Front Office DPT commonly referred to as FO, Supervision and a Sacco section.

DTEL also boasts of ensuring that its employees have the coveted National Health and Hospital Services, (NHIF) and the National Security and Social Fund (NSSF) services.

Currently, DTEL has more than 1500 employees.

DTEL also plans to expand its services to all the 47 Counties in the county. This is after the Company under the able leadership of Mr. Akama has surpassed the test of time in the current Counties in which it is operational.

Try DTEL HR services and you will not regret. Situated at Royal Plaza 5th floor off Lumumba Drive. Next to Thika Road Mall, TRM. His HR are the most competitive services in town.

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