Police officer arrested with 3 other people for robbing accountant 50, 000 USD

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By Mourice Seretta 

A police officer was arrested today by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations for robbing an accountant of 50, 000 USD.

The detectives also arrested three of the police officer’s accomplices.

DCI says the police officer who is stationed at Ruiru Police Station together with the three who work with Mitsumi Business Park allegedly accosted the lady accountant in a lift as she was heading to deposit the amount at a local bank.

The directorate also says the three were armed with pistols and were together with others who are still on the run.

So far, the directorate says detectives from Parklands recovered 10, 000 USD from one Albert Ochola’s house in Huruma estate.

Ochola is a plumber in Mitsumi Business Park.

Detectives also recovered another 12,300 USD from Walter Kiverenge’s house at Kawagware.

Kiverenge who is the staff supervisor had concealed the cash inside a water dispenser.

Another 10,000 USD was recovered from one suspect Bernard Ogutu Oketch in his house in Mathare area one.

The detectives also recovered a brand new TV and two mobile phones from Oketch’s house.

The suspects will be arraigned tomorrow Thursday.

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