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His Say   

By Mourice Seretta

This is not the first and I guess it will not be the last time you will be told this.

Even our great grandfather I guess also detested this habit from you ladies that I want to slightly bust strongly dwell on today.

I also grew up listening to a certain song by one of the greatest musicians we had from where I come from, the late Ariisi o Sababu who sang and discouraged ladies from the same habit but two decades since his demise, still the bad habit is common especially in this town.

It is and I want you to listen and listen well. If he invites you for an evening out, never ever tag along that lady friend of yours that you gossip with. Never. I repeat never tag a sister, cousin, friend workmate, your salonist to a date with your mine. It is a crime and if he hasn’t told you, hear it from the horse’s mouth. I guess if men had their way, they could have included that in the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill 2020 that is commonly referred to as Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)

One, even if you perceive that the boy child who has invited you out has deep pockets, tagging a friend along to a coffee date is no no. 

Secondly, will you be comfortable to tell or ask the boy child some serious and pertinent questions while your friend is seated there with you? Do you think he will be comfortable to ask or tell you some serious matters when your friend is seated with you may be sipping a drink she never struggled for? Some good questions you need to ask yourself.

If he asked you for an evening out and deep down you know he has boys he could have sat with irrigating their throats with products from EABL, know that he needed some privacy and have some serious dirty talk with you. Yes, that one. So you expect he will go that route when your tag-along friend is around? 

I know you have insecurities when maybe meeting with a person on a first date but if you feel insecure, meet in an open place but no tag along. 

Have a lovely weekend ahead. Won’t you? 

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