Raila hints at being on the ballot come 2022

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By Mourice Seretta 

ODM Leader Raila Odinga has hinted that he is not retiring from active politics any time soon.

Addressing the Muslim leaders in Mombasa over the weekend,, Raila hinted that he had not surrendered his quest to lead the country, instead maintaining that he had taken “one step backwards” to achieve two steps forward.”

“There is one man who said, two steps forward one step backwards, It is called a tactical retreat, retreat in order to advance, hiyo ndio tulifanya, sija surrender.”  Raila told his audience.

The opposition chief also said that the constitutional changes proposed in the BBI report must be done before the next elections so that they can be factored in the elections adding that the fruits of the report can only be enjoyed if a referendum is done before 2022.

“If we go to the next elections with the current status of the constitution, we will have lost it. My intention with Uhuru Kenyatta is to ensure the country is left peaceful,” he said.

Raila hit out at Deputy President William Ruto for distancing himself from the failures of the Jubilee government. 

Raila claimed that Ruto had in his responsibilities as the deputy president failed and was now keen on distancing himself from the government’s shortcomings.

“I am not in government, this is a government of Uhuru and Ruto, so why are some people blaming me as if I’m in government, they should not run away from their responsibility,” he said.

Sheikh Juma Ngao, the Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council (KEMNAC) chairman who convened the meeting said the Muslim community will support the BBI process saying that it will cater for the interests of the Coastal people.

Ngao also said that the Muslim community will also support Odinga’s political prospects as it has done before.

“The problem with this country is bad leadership, but with the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), we have a lot of hopes that the leadership of this country will focus on development centered leadership,” Ngao said.

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