Ladies beware of the hobo sexual

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A hobo sexual is a guy that enters into a relationship to prevent himself from being homeless. This kind of people are not interested in a romantic relationship but in a place they can lay their heads on.

As long as you smile at him, this guy will invite himself to your house, eat your food, eat your cookie real bad and yet not commit to you. He will confuse your brains and will tread carefully as long as you house him.

Before you realize his intentions you will have invested yourself emotionally and financially. The latter is the worst.

In case you are wondering who does that? Well a hobo sexual is a very dangerous creature he will take advantage of your generosity and manipulate your emotions. He will make a few trips into your house probably surveying the surroundings.

One day he will pretend that he is late or create a very big fat lie that his roomie travelled or something and because he has been so good to you for the past one week. You will see no problem in letting him sleepover and giving him your key because you are an early riser. 

Before you know it, all hell breaks loose, he will present himself as a whole probably when you are off to work or in a class with a bag full of dirty laundry, he will use your couch as a bed and a wardrobe.

You will start seeing his clothes all over the house. And then because you have an amazing upbringing, you will ask him to sleep on your bed and share your bathroom. This tick will all the while be reading your likes and dislikes and living as per your rules.

You will leave him money for lunch, Netflix and some pocket change he will use it properly, probably calling other girls. Everyone in your circle will think you are dating but you are not sure of what you are because you never discussed such a subject.

You will finally gather courage and ask him …kwani what are we? He will get so mad and blackmail you into thinking you did something wrong.

 When he sees that you are really serious, he will leave and go to the next girl he was chatting with using your airtime while you were busy at work.

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