Nyandarua Speaker Ndegwa Wahome impeachment motion was fake

Nyandarua speaker Ndegwa Wahome on Tuesday officiated the assembly session despite the earlier reports of impeachment by members of County assembly.

In an interview with the media, Ndegwa said that the session was fully successful as those in attendance didn’t object the house business to take off.

He said earlier media report about his impeachment were malicious as they were sponsored by small group of leaders who aren’t happy of his outstanding performance.

He urged anyone who feels ready to table his impeachment to do it freely while following the right procedure of the house.

“Anyone who wish to file my impeachment motion must follow the house procedural law, the constitution must be respected at all level, “He said.

Ndegwa said that no one tabled his impeachment motion noting that it wouldn’t have been possible to conduct house business today (Tuesday) if he was really impeached.

He further led MCAs to held a minute of silence in memory of Rurii Ward MCA Mburu Githinji who died of cancer.

Last week, fourteen MCAs distanced themselves from ouster motion of the speaker claiming that it was conducted in absence of mace while it wasn’t gazette too.

According to section 11 of the County Governments Act and order number 63 of the Nyandarua County Assembly Standing Orders, 75 per cent of MCAs must vote in favor of the motion for the Speaker to be removed successfully.

They signed an affidavit distancing themselves from the exercise.

However, Leader of Majority Wambugu King’ori, who tabled the motion, said the gazette notice was obtained by deputy speaker Zackary Njeru.

Addressing the media, Paul Ngeche, Kipipiri Ward MCA said that the mace that was used belonged to Mirangine Ward MCA Samuel Mathu who used to be a carpenter.

He claimed that Nyandarua mace isn’t wooded but made of gold and brass and is safely kept by department incharge of security.

“The mace used is owned by Mirangine Ward MCA Samuel Mathu who used to be a carpenter. The House official mace is made of gold and brass and is safely kept by department in charge of security,” said Paul Ngeche, Kipipiri Ward MCA

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