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By Tobby Otum

The truck carrying cargo which plunged into the Indian Ocean across the Likoni channel in Mombasa county caused a traffic snarl-up on the mainland side.

Kenya Ferry Services [KFS] Managing Director Bakari Gowa said the management regrets the inconveniences caused to commuters.

He explained during a media briefing that the accident occurred on the mainland side of the Likoni channel.

“The first truck boarded safely on the MV Kilindini but the second truck was unable to do so,” he pointed out.

The KFS MD told journalists the second truck’s lower part hit the lower part of the prowl while its front was in the ferry.

Gowa said the truck driver escaped unhurt while divers led by Kenya Navy personnel moved into action to retrieve the truck.

He refuted claims they have plans to put a barrier saying the issue has its own challenges at the moment.

“It is easy to install the barriers at the upper main entrance but not at the boarding or disembarking levels out of the vessel,” he explained.

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