DP Ruto maintains rotational Presidency is a sham

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By Mourice Seretta 

Deputy President William Ruto on Friday took his ‘hustler nation’ campains to his Rift Valley backyard where he donated a bus to FKF National Super League’s Silibwet Leon’s Football Club, Bomet Central in Bomet County.

Ruto issued the bus to the club at Silibwet Green Stadium, Bomet Central constituency.

The second in command also held a meeting with Bodaboda riders at Ndanai, Sotik Constituency, also in Bomet County.

Ruto who was accompanied by several local leaders asked persons that he did not name to respect the President and what he has done for the nation during his term in office.

He asked the same people to also stop questioning the appointments the Head of State has made saying that is the prerogative bestowed on him alone.

The DP asked residents to in future elect leaders who have had a development track record and with vision for the country.

‘I am asking you not to elect individuals who do not have vision for the country. They will come to you to seek for your votes but first look at their track record then ensure that you vote to individuals with a god development track record,’ he told the cheering crowd.

On rotational presidency, Ruto said that will not help the country in eradicating poverty nor will that help in improving lives of Kenyans.

‘We need to have our priorities right. We will not allow people to come here with tribal sentiments that will take the country backwards. We need leaders who will see to it that the economy is revived, poverty is eradicated and quality of lives of Kenyans is uplifted. That will not come with a rotational presidency. People cannot sit somewhere and think that the presidency is an equivalent of a merry-go-round.’ Ruto said.

On the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), Ruto maintained that it was just a plan to benefit a few individuals who will sit at the high table at the detriment of the common mwananchi.

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