Stop bedroom gymnastics

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Ruth Kerubo

Dear men, stop gymnastics in the bedroom and actually enjoy the act with your spouse or wife.  What’s with all this death in the “line of duty”? 

Can you imagine how embarrassing it is for you to rush out of a hotel room or bedroom breathing and panting heavily screaming for help just because your partner collapsed on you during the act?  

This reminds me, as I was having chitchat with some of my good friends during the weekend, this topic came up, and I felt like men are really getting the pressure to last long and have so many sex positions which can never really happen in this life or the next one.

I felt like men have watched too much of pornhub and it’s turning them into some sex robots. They want a spontaneous and unnatural occurrence that can never happen in real life. 

Why are you all yielding into this pressure of 10 rounds, super excess energy or how many hours you’ve done it? It is not even humanly possible to handle such. What they do not tell you is that these pornographic movies have edits and cuts and lots of breaks usually not on camera.  

Well here is what you got to know before buying those sex pills. Women actually do not mind how long you last in there but how good it actually feels.

Research actually shows that most women fake orgasms and moans, these daughters of eve actually get bored with rounds and rounds of intercourse with some actually switching off during the process and start thinking about chamas and which hairstyle to plait next. 

Something else you got to know is that the primary need of having sexual intimacy in your relationship is to have kids and to connect you emotionally. All this pressure of proofing that you are ‘good’ in bed is barbaric and wayward.

Not that am encouraging our men to underperform but am just concerned about the numbers of soldiers dying in the ‘line of duty’. Please save yourself an embarrassing eulogy and your generation from the horror of hearing that their ancestor died while “eating the fruit.”

If you got to use sexual stimulants please go for natural herbs rather known as ‘mukombero’, groundnuts and a lot of confidence.

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