Dock Workers Union SG post attracts more candidates

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By Tobby Otum

A Kenya Ports Authority [KPA] Inland Container Depot [ICD] officer has declared his interest to vie for the position of Secretary General during the Dockworkers Union [DWU] elections on April 2.

Harry Arigi said he wants to unseat incumbent Simon Sang in the forthcoming union polls.

He insisted his name will be on the ballot box during the giant trade union’s polls as a contestant for the top position.

“I believe I have the right team to make a difference and propel the union to the next level in the next five years,” he pointed out.

Arigi pointed out that of late the current DWU leadership has been dogged with squabbles and constant wrangling amongst itself.

In a press statement issued to media houses he accused the current union officials of neglecting key issues affecting the union members and having instead been receiving freebies from parties with vested interests in the running of KPA.

The union aspirant defended his interest to bring change in the DWU leadership arguing that it is in the public domain that the current union officials have let down union stakeholders with their internal fighting.

Arigi said in his statement the union leadership has abandoned the union members at the expense of internal squabbling.

He insisted the DWU officials are good at concentrating more on external matters which are obviously pegged on things which have nothing to do with the welfare of members.

“The problem with the current union leaders is inability to defend workers based on the instruments they have which include Human Resource Manual, Labour Relations Act and Employment Act,” he pointed out.

The DWU aspirant added the union members required to be safeguarded and protected in the Port dynamics.

Meanwhile-embattled Sang’s bitter rival Abubakar Mohamed who served as union assistant general secretary has joined the race to unseat him.

Abubakar was among union officials sacked for taking part in a protest against the National Hospital insurance Fund’s [NHIF] new rates in 2015.

The then KPA managing director Gichiri Ndua sacked the entire top officials of the union and evicted them from KPA houses in Mombasa County.

Abubakar was among 100 employees who took part in the strike against NHIF new rates in 2015.

An elder son of former Kenya Ferry Service [KFS] Managing Director John Ria will challenge DWU chairman Mohamed Sheria for the post.

Bob Ria who is employed at the operation department said he will soon announce his line up ahead of the polls.

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