Women leaders from Minority Communities support BBI, ask Tanga Tanga to also support the process

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By Mourice Seretta   

A section of women leaders from minority communities in the country under the umbrella body ‘Sauti ya Mama-Women from minority communities’, have come out to defend President Uhuru Kenyatta’s remarks during the funeral of ANC Leader Musalia Mudavadi in Vihiga two weeks ago wher he offered that Kenya needed a President from a different community having had former Presidents from only two communities.

Addressing the media on Thursday after holding a consultative meeting in Nairobi’s Ufungamano house, the women leaders led by Priscilla Nyokabi, Commissioner at the National Gender and Equality Commission, Mombasa Woman Representative Mishi Mboko, her Lamu counterpart Ruwaida Mohamed, Nominated Senator Agnes Zani amongst others, the women leaders from minority communities said that the President had only invited Kenyans to have a difficult national conversation to consider and reflect on consensual rotational presidency.

The women leaders accused the Tanga Tanga politicians who are allied to Deputy President William Ruto of peddling propaganda and lies against the president over his remarks asking them to instead join forces with the president in ensuring that there is inclusion in how the country is run especially through the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) process.

‘To the Deputy President and the entire Tanga Tanga brigade, there is no other way except to engage and support the BBI process. It covers all of us majority communities, minority communities, men, women, youth, persons with disabilities, children, Christians, Muslims, farmers, pastoralists, traders, business people, hustlers and dynasties,’ they said.

They also asked the Tanga Tanga brigade to stop spreading lies that BBI will seek to extend the president’s term stating that the president time and again had said he will honorably retire come 2022 and that he will leave Kenya a better nation if BBI come to be.

‘BBI is not about 2022. BBI is about inclusivity. Tanga Tanga may be about 2022 and gaining power using any means and any narrative, but BBI is not. The conversation should remain focused on the critical issues articulated in the BBI Report and the the Constitutional Amendment Bill. We are happy with the wome’s gains in the BBI including the 50-50 Senate and the fulfilment of the two-thirds gender rule in the Counties and offer ourselves for consideration as governors or deputy governoprs. Tumetosha,’ they further said.

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