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By Tobby Otum

Bureaucrats have been challenged to hasten the possibility of goods, labour and services to transcend the barriers of boundaries set during the colonial era.

World Chambers Federation board vice President Kiprono Kittony said it’s now the beginning for the African continent to start realizing the opportunities bestowed by the Almighty God.

He hinted that there is an indication of gain through the investment the government has made on infrastructure.

“I wish to point out that roads, railways and airports play a big role in connecting activities to enable people tap on existing opportunities,” he pointed out.

Kittony spoke during the launch of the torch lighting of Africa Trade in Mombasa county.

The World Chambers Federation board vice President said the ceremony organized by the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry [(KNCCI) Mombasa chapter was simultaneously held in five other countries on the continent.

Kittony who is the Nairobi Stock Exchange chairperson said the ceremony is marking the implementation of the African continental free trade agreement.

Speaking at the Tusks along Moi Avenue he said the ceremony is a significant moment for both the country and the global economy.

The World Chambers Federation board vice President singled out the inauguration ceremony of United States of America President Joe Biden which ushers in a new administration which is taking over from the outgoing Head of State Donald Trump as significant in the global economy.

He described the moment as significant as the implementation phase since the signing of the agreement in Kigali, Rwanda.

“The reason why this marks a new beginning since the country attained independence is having free goods and services with a protocol which will enable the realization of the dreams of our forefathers,” he pointed out.

On his part Mombasa deputy governor William Kingi said the port county remains deeply reliant on its trading role and its strategic location has always anchored its status as the region’s logistical hub.

He said the county government is encouraged by the deliberate efforts of the African Continental Free Trade Area [AFCFTA] facilitating free movement of people and goods across Africa.

“African nations have made rapid progress by building infrastructure and eliminating red tape that prevent the free movement of goods between neighbors,” he added.

KNCC Mombasa chapter chairman Mohamed Ramadhan Mustafa said the ceremony is a signal of the operation phase on the continent of AFCFTA.

He said the launch will bring great opportunities in the continent and in different counties.

“Let me urge the county business community outside the economic zone to take advantage of AFCFTA with a market of close to one billion people,” he pointed out.

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