Sonko’s uncontrolled tongue could land him in big trouble

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A few days ago, the former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko left no doubt he was determined to take his battle with Principal Secretary [PS} Karanja Kibicho and the so-called Deep State to the bitter end. 

Without mincing any word, he sensationally claimed that the PS, himself, and deep state printed T-Shirts branded with the logo and color of the Orange Democratic Party [ODM] and bought second-hand vehicles and later set them ablaze on Ngong road. 

As the excited crowd cheered him to reveal more, he added. Our intention was to use this incident to portray ODM as a violent party that was hell-bent on plunging the country into anarchy. 

It means Raila Odinga, who has all along led this party, was their main target. They wanted to create the impression that he cannot be entrusted with national leadership. 

Sonko is known to be a key ally of DP Ruto and he, indeed, spoke in his presence. But it seems he did not know that he was doing more harm than good to DP’s presidential ambition. 

During that time, the relationship between President Kenyatta was very cordial. And going by Sonko’s interpretation of ‘Deep State’, it means the DP was a key driver. So, one could come to this conclusion.  Kibicho was receiving instructions from DP who was his boss. 

We all know that politics is a dirty game. But being a tool of trade for politicians, we have previously seen the professional careers of some civil servants and state officers coming down tumbling. This would happen when the politicians fell out with them. In most cases, the stubborn officials, who would not cave into their dictates and play their ball, would be targeted. 

As we know, the law does not allow the officials to engage in politics and as such most of them would not survive.   

Sonko is widely perceived to be a master of raw politics. He has been regularly firing unprovoked bare-knuckle salvos at Kibicho, the President and members of the first family. This is because he believed they did not have faith in his leadership right from the beginning. He was poised to become the worst Governor of the capital city as many Nairobians would later come to agree. 

For Sonko, these are the same personalities who initiated the process that culminated in his impeachment. This started when Sonko signed the Deed of Transfer of crucial functions to the National Government. Soon after, President Uhuru Kenyatta established the Nairobi Metropolitan Service [NMS] to take over those functions. So far, NMS has done a commendable job. 

Let me say this. What Sonko has been doing is to drop the names because so far he has not proved and substantiated the claims he was making against them. As I stated in my recent article, cases are not prosecuted at funerals, weddings, and political rallies. 

I think this will now come to end because Kibicho has since opted to follow the due process. After recording his statement with the Directorate of Criminal Investigation [DCI], he said.   “I have had enough of Sonko’s false claims linking me to all manner of alleged crimes. I have reported this matter to DCI as a citizen of Kenya, not as a PS.  I want the law to take its full course”.  

He further stated: I am preparing to sue Sonko and my lawyers are working on that. You will see me in court in one month’s time. 

But in a rejoinder, Sonko dared him to make good his threat. He said he will prove his claims. I want to give him a piece of free advice. He should take this matter seriously. If he fails to give reliable evidence, he could find himself in big trouble.

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