Woman Rep Ruweida Mohamed Calls for More Constituencies in Lamu

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By Shadrack Musumba

Lamu Woman representative Ruweida Mohamed has called for an increase in constituencies in Lamu county.

During a women forum convened on Thursday by Sauti ya Mama, a women from minority communities’ forum, in a Nairobi Hotel declared her support to the Building Bridges initiative as she alleged it is the best route to address issues touching marginalized groups.

Ruweida said Lamu has only two constituencies namely Lamu East and Lamu West yet the county is facing enormous population growth accrued by tourism, fishing and agricultural activities.

She alluded that reaching the over 150, 000 thousand residents in Lamu through the two constituencies could be denying basic services to the grass-root citizens in the county hence the need for an addition.

She at the same time condemned the ‘Hustler Narrative’ and urged them to support the BBI for national cohesion and unity.

“I’m happy to join the conversation of inclusivity as raised by president Uhuru Kenyatta. The BBI covers all majority and minority, women and men, young and old. It’s not about 2022 but inclusivity and we are happy with the women’s gains including 50-50 senate and fulfillment of the two-thirds gender-rule in the national and county assemblies,” she said.

She lauded President Kenyatta for protecting the 290 constituencies including those with low populations. 

“We as women will forever remain grateful to the president and his handshake partner Right Hon. Raila Odinga for mending the broken bonds and which has brought peace. The two-thirds gender rule can only be achieved through the BBI. We have seen the fruits of developments such as Lapset in Lamu. The BBI is, therefore, to protect our nation from divisive elections and post-election violence,” she stated.

She retaliated that the Constitution of Kenya 2010 is not static but can be amended via the legislative process.

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