By rallying Kikuyus to reject Raila, leaders doing more harm than good to their community

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A few days ago, the rowdy Kikuyu youths hired by the politicians believed to be allied to deputy president William Ruto attempted to disrupt a road-side Building Bridges Initiative Bridges [BBI] meeting in Githurai. 

I was there and I watched the whole drama. ODM leader Raila Odinga, who was their main target, stayed put and continued to make his speech. He insisted that a myriad of challenges facing Kenyans cannot be sorted out by dishing out wheelbarrows. The wheelbarrow is a big lie and that is why I keep calling this narrative rubbish.

The farmers in Central Kenya, who rely on coffee, tea, and milk sectors, have over the years been complaining of corrupt cartels and brokers enriching themselves with their sweat. 

People in other parts of the country are also crying out. This is the time to come up with a long-lasting solution and the answer lies in the BBI. People should read and understand it. 

I totally agree with him. The narrative of DP and his allies is that the BBI is seeking to create political positions for the losers. I would call this brain-washing because the document has so many good proposals and, if adopted, would further the course of ‘Wanjiku” [the ordinary Kenyan]. 

Again, let me ask. If, for instance, the position of Prime Minister is created, the amended law will not assign that seat to any individual. So, the talk that it is reserved for Raila or Uhuru Kenyatta is baseless. Parliament, in its own wisdom, will appoint the holder of that office.  

Besides, sometimes back the DP revealed that if Raila’s ODM party could have formed the government in 2007, he was poised to become the Prime Minister. If that happened, I am sure he could have hit back at anyone insinuating he got it because he was a loser. 

One would again ask. Why is he opposing this position now? I tend to believe that during that time the law allowed one to earn two salaries and hefty allowances. The BBI has now corrected that anomaly. No state/public officer will earn two salaries. 

Back to the Githurai incident, I was shocked when I heard what 41 Kikuyu lawmakers, who support the DP, said in a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta. As a community, we reject Raila Odinga and so we are warning the President to stop imposing him on us. 

I have never heard Uhuru showing preference to any presidential candidate, leave alone Raila. So, their sentiments would amount to utter disrespect of the head of state and engaging him in unprovoked attacks. 

The claim that he had abandoned the Kikuyu and opted to dish out development goodies to the other communities including Luoland was equally made in bad faith. 

I am sure those who have not been brain-washed would agree with me. In the Mount Kenya region, the President has commissioned so many projects. Construction of the Roads, the revival of the Nairobi-Nyanyuki railway line, provision of clean piped water, and connection of the last-mile electricity are among them. 

Once completed, the Mau Mau road will open the economies of the four counties of Kiambu, Murang’a, Nyeri, and Nyandarua. The President is also keen to ensure the economic livelihood of the members of his community is revived. We recall that coffee, tea, milk, and pyrethrum sectors collapsed during the era of President Daniel Arap Moi. President Mwai Kibaki tried to revive but his efforts did not bear fruit. 

At this juncture, allow me to say this. ODM leader Raila Odinga is not only a Kenyan citizen but also a leader who enjoys the support of almost half of the Kenyan population.

 Given this scenario, the letter written by Ruto allies in the Central region was ill-advised and uncalled for. First, this was a clear confirmation that they are the ones who had hired the youths to disrupt Raila’s Githurai meeting. Let me ask. What would they feel if Ruto rallies are disrupted? Every leader has a right to campaign and visit any part of this country. 

If Raila becomes the President, how would they expect him to relate with the Kikuyus? However, I am happy to note that Raila is not vengeful or a person who harbors bitterness and ill-feelings. He will embrace all. 

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