KRA to introduce scan machines at all entry and exit points in all 47 counties

By Tobby Otum

The government’s program is to ensure every entrance and departure point in the 47 counties has installed scan machines.

Kenya Revenue Authority [KRA] southern region regional co-ordinator Joseph Tunui said the machines will be deployed within the 47 counties despite humidity at the site.

He pointed out most of the scanners depreciate over time as a result of poor maintenance and mechanical work.

“The majority of the machines are being repaired with an attempt to procure new ones,” he pointed out.

Tunui said the state cooperation has taken a new direction with new plans of investing in technology.

He was speaking during this year’s world customs day celebrations held at the Customs House in Mombasa county.

The KRA southern region regional co-ordinator acknowledged the scan machines are one of the technology-related moves they have undertaken.

Tunui said most businesses were affected by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic which slowed down tax collection.

He told the forum recovery efforts are currently going in a slow pace back to normalcy.

“The future is better with normalcy slowly coming back with the re-opening of leaning institutions,” he pointed out.

The KRA southern region regional co-ordinator said following the outbreak of the pandemic they have realigned the operations of the customs and border control department.

Tunui added that the move is to ensure business continuity by undertaking a number of cargo clearance procedures online.

He added the decision was meant to minimize physical contact between customs officers and clients.

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