Kisii County youth condemn fist fight between MPs Arati and Osoro

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By Mourice Seretta 

A section of young women and men from Kisii County on Tuesday condemned the events that unfolded at Tendere on Monday during the burial of Mzee Abel Gongera, father to Kisii County Deputy Governor Joash Maangi.

The young women and men from Kisii County are reacting to Monday’s confrontation that led to a fist fight between MPs Sylvanus Osoro (South Mugirango) and his Dagorreti North counterpart Simba Arati who exchanged blows during the burial of Mzee Gongera, in the presence of Deputy President William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Addressing the media from Kisii town, the young women and men led by YoTHA, Kisii Chapter Secretary Naftal Obwocha and President Dennis Orioki, they say the behavior displayed by some of their young leaders was uncouth, uncultured and reckless and that Kenya as a country has made a lot of strides towards achieving constitutional and democratic freedom.

“This has been possible through the rigorous struggle of our second liberation warriors Raila Odinga, Gibson Kamau Kuria, George Anyona, Timothy Njoya, James Orengo, Kenneth Matiba, Charles Rubia among others. The freedom of speech and expression must be respected and adhered to as enshrined in our constitution even if you agree with it or not,” Obwocha said .

Obwocha further says that as the young people of Gusii region, they have been thought to pay their last respects with decorum and honor.

“Our sincere apologies to the Family of H.E Joash Maangi, the mourners and visitors who came to condole with us for the mannerless behaviors of young leaders yesterday. Politics of tolerance must be practiced,” the Secretary apologized.

The YoTHA Secretary further says that it is sad to note that the youth of Kenya are not committed to the ideals of democracy and social growth as it was displayed at Tendere.

YoTHA, Kisii Chapter Secretary Naftal Obwocha

He also says that the current crop of youth leadership must inspire hope and behave beyond reproach adding that the stereotype behavior always with leadership of goon leadership and deceit must come to an end.

“The youth of this country play significant role in the social economic and political aspects of our societal growth at the same time plunging into the murky waters of politics. Their involvement in politics should be for the sole purpose of being at the decision-making table to represent the interests of their fellow youth and not to display the young generation as a crop that cannot be trusted with the future of this country.We always talk about political responsibility as young people, young people decry of being denied opportunities, noone has denied us the opportunity. Only ourselves,” he added.

Obwocha decries that there’s no voice of reason from thems as far as their political destiny is concerned. He says all they seem to care about is fights, political showdown and drama at the expense of reason as long as their master is happy.

“We have been reduced to stone throwers and hecklers at political events including funerals.Politicians have capitalized our economic status to lure us into political bondage, this in spite of our numerical strength. We have remained spectators in the political leadership in this country. The few who have made it to this leadership have performed dismally,” Obwocha outlined.

He notes that leaders thrive in dividing the young women and men and they are currently being divided by the most dangerous and lame narrative of DYNASTY vs HUSTLER – a state of affairs he says must come to an end immediately.

“You have all seen incidents where people’s property has been destroyed using that narrative of US vs THEM.On the 9th March 2018, H.E Uhuru Kenyatta and The Rt. Hon Raila Odinga had a handshake and came with a nine-point agenda in their desire to unite this country and we currently have a document the Building Bridges Initiative. The journey to complete democracy and growth is not one-time occasion, in that breadth we wish to state that the we support the Constitution Amendment Bill 2020,”Obwocha concluded.

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