Stop dragging the name of Uhuru into Sonko’s woes

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I have been listening to the narrative being peddled around by Mike Sonko and his sympathizers that President Uhuru Kenyatta was behind the former governor’s woes. But while bearing in mind Uhuru’s critics have been playing all the cards in the book to cast him in bad light, this would not come as a surprise.  To achieve this goal, they would resort to politicizing everything including judicial matters. 

I want to once again remind them. Kenya is not a banana republic. It is a country governed by the constitution and rule of law. The members of the county assembly followed the law to the letter and spirit when they impeached him.  

Before, he had signed the Deed of Transfer of core functions of his county administration to the national government. This cleared the way for President Uhuru Kenyatta to establish the Nairobi Metropolitan Service [NMS] and appointed General Abdalla Badi to steer it. The NMS has done a commendable job for the few months it has been in office. 

Initially, Sonko defended his decision to sign the Deed. I was not coerced. I did it of my own volition and this was a move in the right direction. All the major cities across the world are run and managed by the national governments or jointly by devolved units.   

A few days later, he changed the story after holding a night meeting with a senior Jubilee politician. He made another turnaround and alleged that he was drunk. This indeed irritated many Nairobians, who regretted why they elected him.  

He made lofty promises during the campaigns and he has failed to deliver. We congratulate the President for coming up with a solution to save us. 

Given this scenario, the critics of the president should bear this in mind. Dragging the name of the President into Sonko’s woes would not help them to push their political agenda. 

Kenyans are not that stupid. They know Sonko’s fate now lies with the judiciary. This is after the investigative arms of the government which are created by the constitution concluded their investigations. 

In the past, we have seen the office of the Director of Public Prosecution [ODPP] declining to prefer charges against the accused persons citing lack of sufficient evidence. So, it means Sonko’s files contained strong evidence and so the prosecution would fear being embarrassed because chances of securing a conviction were very high.  

Some of the criminal charges leveled against him include; robbery with violence, assault, destruction of property, and terrorism. When he was arraigned, he denied all of them.  The burden of proof now lies with ODPP. 

As we know, the law bars anyone from commenting on the matter that is before the court. I would there expect Uhuru’s critics to hold their horses. The due process should be allowed to take its full course. 

As I conclude, allow me to explain why I disagree with the narrative that the state agencies were only targeting personalities in one political camp. Most of those who have been charged so far were top state officers and civil servants. The oath of office requires one to remain neutral and apolitical. 

Again, some of the crimes had been committed with surgeon precision. Efforts had been made to erase evidence. So, the state agencies would take time before concluding the investigations.

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