Uhuru’s remarks on Kikuyu-Kalenjin dominance were blown out of proportion

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When he spoke with the reporters of four Kikuyu vernacular radio recently, President Uhuru Kenyatta defended the remarks he made during the burial of ANC leader Musalia Madavadi’s mother. He, however, noted that they were indeed weighty given the swift reactions and wrath that greeted them. Some politicians opted to misinterpret and incite their supporters that I was targeting their candidate. 

I want to tell them that I was just giving my opinion and what I said is obvious: The Kikuyu and Kalenjin have dominated the leadership of this country since independence and maybe Kenyans should consider electing a person from the outside the two communities come 2022 polls. He reiterated that Kenya is a democratic country. As voters, the ball is in your court. You will make that decision at the ballot,  

Opposition leaders Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi, and Kalonzo Musyoka would not wait for the dust to settle. Speaking separately, each would echo Uhuru’s sentiments. 

For Mudavadi, he noted: Kenya is a multi-ethnic society. Therefore, those saying that Kenyans elect an individual are missing the point. The truth of the matter is. This individual hails from a certain community.       

Before the President spoke, this was the narrative of Kikuyus supporting the DP’s presidential bid. Come 2022, we will not vote for a Kikuyu. So, why would they President? He was just echoing your sentiments. To me, he had a good reason of adding another community in that folder. 

Let me explain. Initially, Kikuyus would allege that Uhuru had hatched a plot to abandon his deputy and he was working on a new game plan that would see him pass the baton of power to the son of former President Daniel Arap Moi and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi. He wanted to set the record straight that he had no such intention. The President, however, did not tell Kenyans not to vote for the two leaders.  

We know President Daniel Arap Moi was a Kalenjin and broke the record of being the longest-serving president. He ruled for 24 years and during his tenure, the Kikuyus had nothing to celebrate. Apart from destroying their economic livelihoods, the Moi presidency would ruthlessly deal with their leaders. Former cabinet ministers Kenneth Matiba and Charles Rubia [now deceased] would pay the ultimate price. 

Notably, the founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta governed for fifteen years and President Mwai Kibaki for ten years. This brings to the total of 25 years that the two Kikuyu presidents stayed in power.   

The other message the President was passing is. I have worked with DP for more than eight years.  So, I know him better than anybody else. But again, politics is a game and things can change at any time. But it turns out the DP will not be Uhuru’s favorite candidate, I would urge Kikuyus to heed the President’s call. I have no reason to doubt Uhuru’s love for his community. He cannot leave us in the wrong hands.      

To me, the DP’s allies’ move to brand Uhuru as a tribal leader reeked of hypocrisy and dishonesty. We remember that when UhuRuto won the election in 2013, they shared the positions on the basis of 50-50. 

Recently, we heard the Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka saying the DP only appointed members of his community. He also crafted a plot to ensure the only Kamba CS was removed. If this was true, then this would cast the DP as a key promoter of tribalism.

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