Gov’t Announces Second Phase Of Huduma Namba Registration In May

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The government has announced the second phase of Huduma Namba registration that will kick-off early in May.

Addressing the press on Wednesday, Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna stated that going forward, the process will continue just like when one is obtaining an Identity Card (ID).

Therefore, those who missed out on registration during the first phase will be able to register during the second phase.

“This is why we are saying if you missed on the first phase please don’t worry because we are launching the second phase at the end of April this year,” he said.

He added, “Going forward, a child will be issued with a Huduma Namba at birth but when they attain the age of 18 years, they will then collect their Huduma Namba cards.”

Oguna further issued a warning to fraudsters who are taking advantage of the process and using fraudulent means to extort money from Kenyans. He said no Kenyan should be required to pay before being issued with the card.

“The process of collecting these cards is free and nobody should be asked to pay any money. The messages for collection of the cards are not sent from a normal telephone number but a unique one,” he said.

Last week, the process of distributing Huduma Namba cards began in Nairobi with the Ministry of Interior stating that the first batch had been dispatched to Huduma Centres across the Nairobi Metropolitan Area and its 17 sub-county offices.

Any person who registered will be notified via SMS on when and where to collect their card.

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