NRA Party unveiled, to champion youth affairs

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By Mourice Seretta

A new Political Party was unveiled to the public on Thursday.

The party, National Reconstruction Alliance (NRA), with the slogan ‘Mwamko Mpya’ boasts of wanting to champion youth affairs in the country.

While unveiling the party at a Nairobi Hotel, party officials said that NRA Party is no experiment nor something hastily cobbled together under the guise of selfish interest to form a political vehicle for politicians in the upcoming general elections but it is a party for the present and the future.

‘Brothers and sisters, to us, this is a date with destiny. A destiny because the youths are the trustees for posterity for this great nation called Kenya, under the banner of NRA and coming together to form a political party, then we guaranteed that we can plan for our own future and the next generation,’ said Paul Amemba Magufuli, Secretary General of the party.

The party also promised to champion for women affairs, economic affairs, agricultural affairs amongst many others.

NRA official one Advise oozed confidence that the party will help udo a lot of ills that have bedeviled the country before.

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