Relief for Parents in Nairobi as Deputy Governor issues Bursaries worth 505 Million

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By Shadrack Musumba

Nairobi City County Deputy Governor Anne Kananu has today launched executive and ward bursaries worth 505 million to vulnerable Nairobi families.

The money includes executive scholarship funds of 207 million and ward development cash 297 million for the 85 Nairobi Wards. 

The bursary facilities seek to sort children from vulnerable families in primary, secondary, and vocational training smoothly transit to the next levels minus the limitations of school fees.

The 85 wards in Nairobi County will earn each 3.5 million through their respective MCAs.

Kananu who is also the interim governor for Nairobi following the impeachment of the former governor Mike Sonko over abuse of office, gross misconduct, and corruption alleged that the funds will be transferred directly to school bank accounts through money transfer for accountability and transparency.

“By taking some financial pressure off vulnerable parents, Nairobi County government will ensure greater success in secondary education by helping deserving students attain the quality education and later give back to the society,” she said 

The county secretary on behalf of Kananu lauded secondary school principals for holding students before they paid school fees and urged the beneficiaries to work hard to prove that they deserve the award.

Benson Mutura who is the speaker of the county assembly said the misappropriators of the bursary funds will face the law.

Mutura also said they project the funds for bursary at 6 million from 3.5 million per session.

The ward Rep for Parklands, Jayendra Malde was grateful to the county executive as his constituents would benefit eventually past the piercing impacts of Covid-19 which led to many Kenyans lost jobs and constrained financially for long with no ability to pay school fees to their children.

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